Welcome Jose Fransisco!

We are excited to announce CIELO will be sponsoring CEPC Toliman's first paid employee.

Until now, CEPC Toliman has been run on an entirely volunteer basis. Since 2018, Ramiro, the founder, and his family have dedicated a tremendous effort to building and maintaining the community center to improve their community.

Starting in February, CIELO will be sponsoring a full-time staff member for CEPC Toliman to oversee operations and maintenance of the community center. This position will be filled by Jose Fransisco, a young man who has grown up in the Quixaya valley and has been part of growing the community center.

Jose's responsibilities will include maintaining the on-site permaculture systems, coordinating educational workshops, and monthly reporting. He will responsible for taking care of CEPC Toliman's:

  • aquaculture systems
  • chicken coop
  • seed bank
  • composting and greywater treatment systems
  • classroom, kitchen, swimming pool

Here's a quick note from Jose:

"During my time working at the agroecology center, I have learned a lot about permaculture, aquaponics and agroecology. For me, this type of work with the community is very important. I work with animals, plants, different ecosystems and microclimates. This has taught me the importance of working with nature and seeking solutions to people's needs. It's important to create productive areas that will help our community become self-sufficient. I also know a little bit about cooking and customer service, including helping people learn more about permaculture and agroecology. It is my pleasure to be part of this very important work."

We hope you consider becoming a monthly donor to help cover Jose's salary!

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