CEPC runs monthly workshops to teach individuals how to start and run ecological family farms.

Participants include local farmers and families, primarily from Maya-Kaqchikel communities with extremely limited resources. The teaching site includes:

Aquaculture systems

(tilapia and vegetables)

Community gardens & native crop farms

A food forest

(agroforestry system)

An education and training classroom

On-Site Projects and Training

CEPC's work is based on a blend of principles from the Maya Cosmovision and Permaculture, which both stress the importance of working with natural systems. Through on-site projects and training. CEPC's work focuses on:

Providing access to healthy, organic food
Protecting local ecosystems
Strengthening indigenous communities
Increasing self-sufficiency and regional stability

Community Impact

Project Aloha is an ongoing partnership between CIELO and CEPC Toliman. CIELO’s fundraising has supported CEPC to:

Build a greenhouse

for the agroforestry system (capacity of 4000 seedlings)

Build a community kitchen and food processing center

Host monthly ecological workshops

Provide food aid during the COVID crisis

provide 12 families with direct food aid during the COVID crisis

Feed 64 kids during the COVID crisis

with a 3-week nutritional amaranth program

The Story of the Quixaya Community

The village of Quixaya (where CEPC Toliman operates) is an incredible story of transformation. After gaining ownership of the land from an exploitative plantation owner,  the community converted the monoculture plantation into a diversified agricultural system run by the families who've worked the land for generations.

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